The magnificence of toddlers

Toddlers are demanding and irrational and they dictate what you do, how you do it, which baby you’re allowed to hold and what voice you have to use for the entire morning.

They are also the most fantastically creative intelligent loving short humans. They are us without the pretense and without the world telling us to be different. They live and love honestly. They see magic all around them.

A switch has flicked and we have our darling Quin back. For now her tantrums have all but subsided and left in their place is a bundle of joy in a size 2 pink princess dress. She is – as she described our flower garden yesterday – magnificent!

On Friday evening after work, I was met with her excited yells of “mama’s home!” followed by a hug which included gentle pats on my back. We sat down to eat and, without prompting, she leaned over and hugged Shan telling her, “I love you mummy.” It was the first time she’d said it by herself. We just stared at each other with the broadest smiles.

Last night after dinner I went to use the bathroom and she wanted to come. Those who know me know how difficult this is, but in the interest of progressing her toilet training I breathed deeply and allowed her in. While I sat there doing my business and trying not to hyperventilate, she tore squares from the roll and piled them one by one on top on my hands, which were palm down on my legs. When there were four squares on each hand she smiled at me and said triumphantly “there you go mama!” I couldn’t help but smile. I had no idea what she was doing but she was convinced she’d helped me and was so proud of herself for doing so.

Jemima is “impossible” and also Arlo’s other big sister.

The sparkling fairy lights near our flowers are “so beautiful and all the colours of the rainbow!”

She collected twigs and leaves on her walk to the park and made me a collage to keep at work.

She knows my favourite colour is purple and mummy’s is green, and she specifically finds things in these colours for us to have, telling us “you love purple mama!” or “green is mummy’s favourite colour!”

As much as we are being reminded how sweet and lovely newborn’s are, I wouldn’t trade these magnificent toddler days for anything.

gaybymama quin suzie gaybymama quin suzie gaybymama quin suzie


One thought on “The magnificence of toddlers

  1. Totally in toddler land over here too! Specifically in potty training hell. But, I can totally relate to this post. I absolutely melted just today when Punky looked at me and said, “Mommy. You are the BEST.” and gave me a hug. I can’t even remember what insignificant thing I did or said, but it was the best moment in parenting thus far.


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