I notice it all, my love

She thinks I don’t always notice everything she does for me, for us. But I do. I notice everything. And I appreciate it all.

In the lead up to my birthday I noticed a lot of things…

…the days she spent crafting when I was at work.

…the way she’d turn away slightly to send texts and emails when I was sitting next to her.

…how she made the audacious claim that this would be ‘the best birthday you’ve ever had!’ ensuring I was pleasantly distracted from the big 3-0.

…how much thought went into every surprise, knowing how much I love surprises.

…the detail that went into every moment, knowing how much I love the little things. Like matching bowties/broaches because I love to match.

…how when plan A didn’t work out she didn’t just let it go – she came up with an equally fantastic plan B.

…the way she made it all look so easy and seamless when I know how much she put into it.

…how much she cared about making sure I was happy.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to be married to someone who loves and cares for them so completely, so equally. I know how lucky I am to have her.



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