30 and flirty and fabulous

I’m 30. I’m in my 30’s. My next big birthday is 40. I’m half way to retirement. I got a tattoo and next to the spot that said ‘age’ I had to write 30. I’m 30. Shit.

I guess it’s time to assess where I’m at, or something, right? I’ve never had a ‘when I’m 30 I want to be…’ checklist. But if I did, I guess it could look something like this:

Wife: check
Baby: check
Dog: check
University qualification: check
Own home: check
Lived overseas: check
Travelled the world: check
Job I love: check
Great friends: check
Good health: check
Good hair: check

But I never made a list. Ask my wife – I’m not one for lists. They’re too final and definite and nothing in life is that definite. And I wouldn’t want it to be.

The only thing I ever hoped to be at 30 is happy. And I am happy. In fact, I’m ecstatic. I’m jubilant. I’m joyful. I’m gay, in all positive variants of the word.

Being 30 concerns me for one reason: it reminds me that one more year, one more decade, has passed and there’s still so much to do. There is so much of the world to explore, so much to build, so many feelings to have and so much more I want to love my wife and our family.

But the more i think about it, the more being 30 excites me. Because it’s one year closer to our complete family. It’s one year closer to family holidays with kids who want to learn to fish and to Christmas mornings with kids who shine with excitement as they tear into presents. And it’s one year closer to being legally married to my wife, to marrying her nice and good – again.

I guess being 30 isn’t so bad.

zann and quin and being 30

I’m 30.

shan and quin

these two x


30th tattoo for them – because they’re the beat of my heart.


13 thoughts on “30 and flirty and fabulous

  1. Very, very awesome blog! I’m 20, but reading this makes me think that I have so much to look forward to – I get to turn 30 as well and I hope I have as much as you! Wife, baby, uni qualification (only 6 months to go on that one!), my own home and – one which you forgot on the list – AWESOME tattoo collection!!


  2. Shit, I’m about to hit 33 and I can’t tick half those boxes. Every time I think of a list like that I’m reminded of how long it’s taken me to get this far. But I guess all that matters is being happy and totally in love with my family. Good on you for ticking all your boxes!


    • Every list is going to be different, this all just kind of happened. As long as you’re working towards something that makes you feel positive about the future then that’s all you can do 🙂 did you make resolutions for this year?


      • i’m not big on resolutions, but I have 3 big to-do things on my list and that’s finish my postgrad while being a stay at home mum, get married on New years eve 2014/15 (I got engaged this New Years), and have another baby. If I can manage all those things within the next couple of years, I’ll be a happy camper. 🙂 Great tatt by the way!


  3. Happy Birthday! 30 is indeed a great age, in fact the early 30’s are awesome so enjoy!
    I love the tat! I also got a tat on my 30th! It’s kind of a right of passage into the real adulthood of the 30s!


  4. Hello 🙂 I’m not sure how I started following u on Instagram and on here but I did. I love reading your blogs and seeing pics of your family. It gives me hope to keep going and that one day I will be happy agian. When I found yor page I was going thru a difficult break up. I had been with my GF for almost three years & coming from a masculine Hispanic family my gayness has never been accepted and never will.. Reading and seeing your stuff gave me hope that maybe one day I too will find my wife and be able to have a family like yours. Thank you for sharing your life and giving others like me hope. It is really inspiring how little things can change people lives. 🙂 have a great day and bless you and Quin and your wife. Thank you agian.


    • I’m sorry to hear you had such a tough time! Going through a break up is hard enough but when you don’t have your family’s support it’s always worse. How are you doing now? Definitely don’t give up! Having a family is the best but it has to be with the right person.


      • I am better now!!! 🙂 thank u for asking. It’s been a rough road but I’m a way better and positive person now. Have my time occupied with my family now, school and going to the gym. My family has been more supportive as well. They still don’t accept it or understand it sometimes but I know they just want me to be happy with the right person In the end. And of course having a family with the right person is great! 🙂


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