sick little one

We woke up at midnight to find Quin was burning up. We took her temperature and it was 38.8c, well above the normal 36.5c. We gave her medicine and we laid in bed together as Shan fed her. An hour later she was still hot and her temp read 39c. At 1am I jumped in the shower with her to try to cool her down. After 10 minutes it seemed to be working and she started to make little chatty noises, indicating she was feeling a little better. After the shower her temp was still 38.8c so we called the health helpline. We tried not to be panicky parents but she’d never really had a high temperature like that before. The nurse asked a bunch of questions and said it was likely just teething but to go to the hospital if her temp hit 40c. Luckily, she started to cool down properly and at about 2.30am she was sleeping soundly again.

Seeing her so quiet and needy broke my heart. And then I thought about all the little babies in the world who don’t have loving parents taking care of them and it broke my heart more. I can’t stand to think of all the little ones who go through tough nights alone, without kisses and hugs and mums to make them feel better. Quin will always have feel-better hugs for as long as she wants them.

These last couple of weeks have really hammered home to us how important it is to help each other through health and sickness. And how important it is to feel good and healthy. Hopefully these sick days will pass soon and we can focus on making the most of our family time over Christmas.



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