into the sea and up on a mountain

when you book tickets to a concert on a wednesday night, an hour and a half from home, the ONLY choice you have is to take the next day off work. and then the next day too. and since you suddenly have a four day weekend kicking off with a concert, the best thing to do is make it a whole weekend of kick-ass family good times. so we did.

quin is rock – straight up. she is a bundle of squishy hardcore radness and kids like that go to concerts when all the other babies are tucked up in bed. she donned her pink ear muffs and managed to make all the peeps around us turn to mush with her gummy grins before she passed out and slept through the rest of the concert. like i said, hardcore.

Quin rocking her pink baby earmuffs

Quin showing her mummy her pink baby ear muffs

Quin and mummy at mumford and sons

Quin and mummy at mumford and sons

Baby Quin sound asleep at mumford and sons

after the concert we crashed at my folks’ place and it is awfully convenient that they live about 2 minutes drive from the greatest beaches on the planet – no exaggeration. so we thought it was getting warm enough to take quin for her first swim at the beach. although she was mega-cute in her little suit, she wasn’t keen on anything about the beach. it was too old and loud and sandy.

Mummy and quin checking out the beach

trying to persuade quin into the water

the most stunning water!

hanging on the beach with my little lady

two hot chicks

these two!

after our unsuccessful swim at the beach, we headed up into the coastal mountains. our little lady made some sweet music for us while we set up camp. we spent the next two days and nights driving in mountains, walking in trees, feeding alpacas and smooching on each other. it was pretty rad.

quin making music at the campsite

so much music!

our campsite at mount tamborine all set up

quin loves ice blocks!

the face of a cutie head waking up in a tent for the first time!

such a cutie face

baby wearing on a mountain

baby wearing on a mountain

treetop walk at O'Reilly's

two birds

smooching on my fave kid

i love how much they make each other smile

breastfeeding at O'Reilly's

our baby nerd

on top of the world

feeding the alpacas

feeding the alpacas

cutie kid by the creek

the most adorable face in the entire world

we be cooking, camping style

story time before bed

story time before bed got a little out of control

i love my family x


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