Words from across the world

Last Saturday, I woke up early and checked my emails in bed. I do this every day. But what I don’t see every day during this routine is an email that made me so excited and uplifted that I couldn’t wait for my wife to wake up to show her.

After getting the author’s permission, I’d like to share it. This person and I are friends on instagram where we share our lives through photos.

“so, at first let me apologize about my English. it isn’t my first language so there will be some grammar mistakes! hope you’ll understand 🙂

My name is ____ and I live in Tel Aviv, Israel. I”m 19 years old, I took a Gap year and I don’t know if you know, but in Israel everyone who has turned 18 has to serve in the army(girls-2 years, boys-3 years). so i just recently joined the Army.

enough saying about me! I wanted to thank you! by exposing your gay family to the world, I”m pretty much accepting myself!

I think I knew I’m a lesbian since I was 15, and just recently I completly accepted it, and I think that by your georgeus daughter and family and by seeing your photos in a daily basis it is really helping to see that yes, you can have a gay family and a pretty succesful one! and I really do think that it is really ok to be gay, now 🙂

so this is pretty much it! thank you, and just wanted you to know this! :)”

Ugh, makes you feel pretty good in your heart, doesn’t it?!

We’ll be pen pals now for sure and I hope we can meet someday. I’d love our kids to get to know someone who has the same feelings as us but lives in a world so different to ours.

I’ve always believed you should tell people how you feel, and I’m so glad this person did. It made my whole body fill with pride and love for my family 🙂


3 thoughts on “Words from across the world

  1. I think I know the person behind the email, she is a very sweet girl and someone I have been fortunate enough to meet! She’s very right though, your family has taught me alot and I have so much to look forward to as me and my girlfriend just recently got engaged! Thanks for being you, and thanks to your family for being so overwhelmingly cute!


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