so big, so fast, so cute

Our baby girl is growing. Like, really growing. Everyday she seems longer and stronger and smarter and it’s all happening so fast.

As of last week she sits in a high chair to eat. Oh, and she EATS! Real food! She has been having rice cereal and apple for breakfast and her mummy has been making delicious vegetable mixes for lunch and dinner. And she finishes it all in minutes.

I’m not entirely sure when to make a call on her first word, but she says ‘bub bub bub’ a whole lot and pops out a few ‘mum mum mum’s’ in amongst all the baby babble.

She is just the sweetest, loveliest, smartest little kid and I was just thinking this morning about how she is going to be such a great big sister in the coming years. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful little person.








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