getting handy with one hand

so it turns out that when you gain a baby, you lose an arm. perfecting the art of tackling life with one hand is truly a mother’s greatest goal.

in the last few months i’ve managed to do the following things with one hand that would normally need two:

• make bacon
• warm a bottle
• crack an egg
• measure out a veggie patch
• wash my hair
• straighten my hair (very, very carefully)
• clean my teeth
• make a drink
• put on a belt
• type emails for work
• put on socks

And lastly, the one I am most proud of…shave my underarms. yes people, it can be done.



3 thoughts on “getting handy with one hand

  1. Ha! This post is too funny and very true. High-five on the “putting on a belt” and “putting on socks” with one hand… I don’t think I could do that. My wife and I have a 6 month old baby girl and she too is our first.

    Your little gal is adorable! I look forward to following. 🙂


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