D.I.dYke – new shelves and mini-desk

so babies might be small but they take up a whole bunch o’ space. in the 12 weeks since quin arrived, our small house has gone from cosy to claustrophobic. so when my wife started a conversation last week with, “you know how it feels really small in here? well i have an idea…” i knew our house was going to change.

the change involved moving our desk from the living area to the bedroom to open up the whole space to make more sitting room. One couch and a small play space was just not enough.

so my desk went from this:

to this:

if you look closely, you can see my new mini-desk

as the bookcase/tv stand shifted, i had to update our shelves to make them stronger and more suitable for the new arrangement.

the original shelves, which bowed almost as soon as we put them in.

obligatory “lesbian with power tool” photo

quin giving mama a hand, making sure everything is straight

new pine shelves in place and spaced perfectly to fit the tv and record player

quin giving it one final baby test before we finish


the finished shelves.

and now our living room is big enough to have guests over – and they don’t even need to sit on the floor!

our new, spacious living room. mmmmspace!


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