4 years – 1460 days – 100,000 kisses

4 years ago today, i was waking up early on a brisk winter morning to get into town and help set up for Brisbane Pride Festival 2008. i’d signed up to volunteer with Pride a few months before for two reasons:

1. to help my community

2. to meet chicks.

not to meet chicks in the ‘meet then shag’ kind of way. just in the ‘i’d really like to meet people outside of a nightclub’ kind of way. but hey, if they happened to me smokin’ hot then that was a bonus too.

the day was sunny and bright but after spending all day in the shade of the wristbanding table by late-afternoon i was exhausted and cold. i’d spent all day talking to the other volunteers who came and went during the day so when a cute brunette with a bob came to help out, we eventually got to talking.

she was fresh from a few years travelling with a slight canadian accent she’d picked up a long the way. now, i’d like to pretend (and possibly tell our children) it was love at first sight, but honestly – we were soooooo cold it was impossible to think about anything else. so we chatted about travels (hers to Belfast, eastern Europe and Vancouver, mine to London and western Europe) and as we packed up i invited her to join us at the after party. being back after years away she didn’t know too many people on the scene and she agreed to meet us later.

showered, dressed and warm, we met at the busy bar later in the night. i was already into my second or third glass of champers and when she arrived, we shared another bottle. somewhere before the last sip we’d forgotten about the rest of our group, fingers had brushed and we were flirting. well, i was flirting. she was blushing. which just made me like her more.

i asked her if she wanted a tequila shot. she said “no”. i said, “what about the new tequila shot – the lick, sip, suck, pash?” she said “ok”.

so we licked, sipped, sucked and then pashed. and then pashed some more. and then danced and then pashed. and then pashed all the way back to my friend’s house where we crashed for the night.

and then that was it. we were together. and we have been together ever since.

4 years seems so long, but then not nearly long enough for all the love and happiness we’ve experienced.

it’s true what they say – when it’s right, everything just seems to work. that’s not to say things haven’t been hard sometimes, but i always know that as long as we do it together it will all work out.

she was my girlfriend, then my fiance, then my wife and now my babymama. in between all of that she has become my best friend, my champion, my hero, my confidante, my travel partner and the one i want to spend every single day of the rest of my life kissing. because she’s a really, really good kisser.


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