fighting the good fight for our family

this week we’ve had the opportunity to speak out a number of times in favour of civil unions in queensland. this has included:

an interview with ABC’s The 7.30 Report:

an article in Q Weekend (click to see full size):


and i got to speak at the Defend Civil Unions rally in Brisbane that attracted more than 2000 people:


and this is what i said/shouted:

Today I am here to speak about my experience with civil unions and as a representative of Rainbow Families Qld.
I met shan at pride fair and we have been inseparable ever since. We celebrate our four year anniversary next month. We will celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary in October. We fully intend to celebrate our first civil union anniversary in March next year and we will get legally married in front of all our friends and family here in Australia when the time comes.
My gorgeous wife cannot be here tonight as she’s home with our baby girl Quin who arrived just 5 weeks ago. Quin has very quickly become the heart and soul of our family and we both committed to doing everything we can to make this world a better one for her.
For shan and I, our civil union does not change our relationship. It does not make me love her anymore – that’s not possible. We have a mortgage, a dog and now a baby, so it doesn’t make us anymore committed.
What it does do is two things:
My civil union gives me confidence in a state and a government that acknowledges that my family exists and is worth protecting.
And my civil union gives me security and peace of mind that should anything ever happen to me, my wife and my child will be afforded the same rights and protections that other Queensland families enjoy.
At Rainbow Families Qld, we know there are hundreds, if not thousands of LGBTIQ families in Qld whose confidence and security is threatened by talk of any kind of repeal of these civil union laws
We are fearful, anxious and angry at the prospect of any of our rights being depleted in any way whatsoever.
This is not about politics – this is about people.
This is not about religion – this is about families.
This is not even about marriage or civil unions – this is about equality.
A successful, inspirational woman recently told me her life motto. It is: If you don’t make a difference, you don’t matter.
This is our opportunity right now to make a difference and to make sure we matter. Do whatever is in your power to fight for your rights as an LGBTIQ Queenslander and Australian.
I have promised my wife and my daughter that I will not stop until our family is no longer experiences discrimination.
You have a promise from Rainbow Families Qld that we will not stop advocating until equality is a reality for every family in Queensland.

3 thoughts on “fighting the good fight for our family

  1. On a day off & came back to this lovely post. We also were advocating for our family from North Qld at the time of Civil Unions …. It was such an emotive time. Thank you for the work you do. By celebrating your love, relationship & now beautiful family you are doing so much more for our community xx


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