late for their own birth

so it’s official – our baby is now running late for their own birth.

they were due yesterday and they’re still comfortably cocooned in shan’s belly. they continue to grow everyday and move around in weird and interesting ways, making shan squeel like a girl or jump at random times. my wife is feeling very uncomfortable now and is very ready to give birth. she’s still smiley and lovely though – same old shan.

my lovely wife - 2 days before due date

my lovely wife - 2 days before due date

my lovely wife - 1 day before due date

my lovely wife - 1 day before due date

we’ve been trying everything to bring on the labour – except spicy food. shan suffers from indigestion and says spicy is a no-go. but there have been walks, and reflexology and, under midwife orders, even a bit of lovin’. but… nothing yet. we don’t really mind. they’ll come when they’re good and ready and then we’ll smooch their face off.

it is a little bit convenient that they’re running late. i was accepted into a 6-month leadership mentoring program at work that commenced with a compulsory 2-day workshop – yesterday and today. and while they’re still happily floating around i can get this out of the way, so i do appreciate their tardiness.

talk about the baby is non-stop now. i can totally understand how people say they feel like they lose their identity a bit. i’m not at all concerned about that and will talk endlessly to anyone who will listen about how excited i am, but the focus on baby is nonstop. i very much appreciate it though. i never forget that we still live in a time and country where equality is still coming and homophobia is firmly in place.  to get positive feedback from family, friends, colleagues and strangers is very encouraging that our child is going to grow up in a world where they can be happy.

perhaps next time i blog we’ll be a family of 3 🙂


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