“Gay couple plan happy trip to court”

on the weekend, shan and I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Brisbane Times/The Sun Herald about the upcoming commencement of civil unions in Queensland. You can read the full article here.

the support about the article has been overwhelming, but one thing has really surprised me – the total lack of criticism of us having a baby. those who have left negative comments have all focused on gay marriage and how terrible it is for society. i don’t know if the comments have been moderated to ensure no negative comments about our baby are left, but it is very interesting if people are more concerned about a piece of paper than they are about a human child.

obviously, i am completely happy that no one has mentioned our baby. but i was prepared for it and had my comebacks ready. i expected to hear some bad thing and was ready to delve into a mature yet heated discussion. i guess i knew if people said something about me, i wouldn’t care and likely wouldn’t react, but if they took aim at my family they’d better be ready for a response. maybe society really has moved that far forward?

gay couple plan happy trip to court

gay couple plan happy trip to court


One thought on ““Gay couple plan happy trip to court”

  1. Sometimes it still amazes me that anyone has anything negative to say about same-sex marriage. It became a federal right in my country nearly a decade ago and we’ve all survived. I’m glad nobody said anything about your child but I’m sorry you had to read negative comments about your union.


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