D.I.dYke project – kitchen table

so we finally had a whole Sunday at home – no christmas shopping, no catch-ups. waking up knowing we have a full day to work on projects is the best!

today was meant to be all about finishing off the toilet (we’ve not have a toilet door for a year – I know!) but we got to talking about the kitchen table and that evolved into another project. unlike the toilet door, we did actually have a new kitchen table but after living with it for a year we realised it just wasn’t practical, especially with a baby. it was round and took up too much space. plus, it was a glass table top on metal legs and it shook with every little bump. baby.. drink.. bump.. not ideal.

we had a desk from ikea which shan had been using for her art desk, but had lately been packed away in our room. it was a plain white top with saw horse legs. we decided to upcycle the desk into our new kitchen table.

after renovating an entire house together, shan and i have realised we think very differently. we also explain things very differently. so it has become a regular habit for us to think we’re on the same page with a project, only to get to Bunnings and begin buying things and realise we’re wayyyy off base. classic example happened with the desk:

shan’s was thinking: we build a substructure under the desk – a rectangular frame the legs attach to, which then gets attached to the botom of the desk. like this…

shan's idea

shan's idea

i was thinking:  we attach four legs to four pieces of square wood. we attach the wood to the desk. like this…

zanne's idea

zanne's idea

after discussing this in the wood section of Bunnings, we agreed to give my idea a go first as it was simpler (…cheaper).

and so the project began:

1.put on a tool belt wooo! in the tool belt – level, pencil, measuring tape, ruler, screws, iphone.

2. we bought a small piece of pine for about $4. I cut it into four squares using the circular saw. not the easiest tool to cut wood like this with but i didn’t find out my father-in-law owned a drop saw until after i was done with the table.

3. measured up each piece of wood and drew where the legs would attach to. then pre-drilled holes into the square pieces.

4. screwed the sqaures to the legs. we bought pine legs which cost us $1.50 each.

5. after i screwed the squares on, shan realised they were too long so i trimmed them.

6. my love then sanded them back, ready for painting.

7. painting took place in our backyard using spray paint. after running out of paint half way through the first coat we realised maybe buying one can wasn’t enough. shan made another trip to the hardware shop and was red flagged at the counter buying several cans. apparently a pregnant 30 year old woman buying spray paint with her mother is highly suspicious. hoodlums.

8. as it was a hot day and spray paint dries fast, we were able to screw the legs to the table in the evening.

9. et voila! the finished product. pretty ace hey?! i like that the spray paint doesn’t cover all the marks and imperfections in the wood.

Total cost: about $22.


3 thoughts on “D.I.dYke project – kitchen table

  1. I’m “working” at my reception desk and laughing about how your girl and her mum were flagged for buying too many spray cans. Thanks for making me look like I’m having an excelent day at work. 🙂


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