15 weeks and 2 days

so we made it past the 5, 9 and 12 week “key stages” and now my lovely wife is settled in and cruisin’ through the second trimester.

a few weeks ago we had our 12 week scan and got to see our little one squriming all over the place. words can’t really describe the moment you see your baby’s little nose perfectly formed and blood flowing in and out of their body. i was expecting to be so overwhelmed i’d cry, but i was too happy to cry. i just wanted to high-five my wife and mini-high-five our baby and tell them how so very proud i am that they’re working together to create a life.

after the ultrasound we saw the doctor who reviewed all of our scans and burst into the room saying,”your baby looks fantastic and healthy”. seriously… greatest words ever.

we have our 19 week scan in about 3 weeks. that’s the one where we’d get to find out the sex. but we’re not going to. we both couldn’t care less what sex they are as long we they’re healthy. heck, they can have 12 fingers and two heads, as long as they’re healthy. no matter what they’re gonna be loved like their world is made from it.


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