yep, this is definitely love

“i’m gonna love you ’til my heart, or the world, explodes.”


very early on in our relationship i knew shan was the one for me. soon after that i fell in love with her and loved her more than i’d ever loved anyone. now, three years on, my heart feels like it’s about 3 times bigger and can barely fit in my chest.

shan mentioned it here that now we have a baby on the way it’s like nothing else matters. but that feeling started a long time ago for me and now it’s just more fierce, more intense.

for as long as i’ve loved shan i’ve felt an overwhelming sense of protection over her and committed early on to ensuring she knew every single day how much i adore her. i always figured that if anything ever happened to me at least one thing she would never, ever question is how much i love her.

but now i want to do just that and words aren’t enough. showing her isn’t enough. i can’t find or do or say anything that is enough. i just love her so completely and with so much of me that i can’t separate us in my head. and now we’re bringing a baby into our family and my heart just might explode with all the love in it.


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