my wife’s boobs

i’ve always been fond of my lady’s chestage region. i like to talk about them, look at them and enjoy random surprise boob-grabs. after three years together my wife, shan, has learnt to deal with it. love me, love my obsession.

but now this whole baby growing thing is really taking it’s toll on her badoinkies. they’re swollen and aching and i’m no longer allowed anywhere near them. they are to me what a chocolate house is to a chocoholic with a milk allergy. sure, i could try to get my hands on them – but, oh the pain!

it’s gotten to the point where breathing too hard in the same room as her boobs is a slappable offence. and i can forget hugging/sleeping near them and boob-grabs are certainly out of the question.

i miss them!


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